By bus/car

By car:

If you wish to travel by car, you will probably choose one of the three trunk roads connecting Lublin with other cities:

  • Trunk road nr 12 (Forst, Germany) – Żary – Radom – Lublin – Dorohusk (Ukrainian border) – (Kovel)
  • Trunk road nr 17: Warsaw – Lublin – Hrebenne (Ukrainian border) – Lviv (UA)
  • Trunk road nr 19: (Hrodna, Belarus) – Kuźnica (Bielarussian border) – Białystok – Lublin – Rzeszów

The roads (especially the one from Warsaw) are currently converted into expressways; Lublin Ring road is also build. The road building should be finished by the end of 2013.

Lublin - road connections

The road distances:

  • Białystok 254 km
  • Gdańsk 504 km
  • Katowice 297 km
  • Kraków 273 km
  • Łódź 308 km
  • Poznań 442 km
  • Rzeszów 168 km
  • Szczecin 646 km
  • Warszawa 161 km
  • Wrocław 514 km
  • Kyiv (UA): 598 km
  • Lwów (UA) 220 km

By bus or minibus:

Lublin has many bus and minibus direct connections with many cities in Poland and abroad. There are several bus and minibus carriers in Poland:PKS Wschód bus

The general information on bus and minibus connections, timetable and ticket service you can find here:

Most popular routes:


  • Warsaw: the journey takes ca. 3 h;
    You can travel with: PKS, PolskiBus and: Contbus, BigBus, Misura (minibus companies);
    the ticket costs: from 10 PLN (2,40 EUR): PolskiBus, 30 PLN (7 EUR): minibus, 32 PLN (7,5 EUR): PKS
    an example schedule: PDF

  • Kraków: the journey takes 5 – 6 h;
    You can travel with: PKS, BP Tour
    the ticket costs from 48 PLN (11,5 EUR): BP Tour to 58 PLN (13,8 EUR): PKS
    an example schedule: PDF

  • Rzeszów: the journey takes ca. 2h 40min – 3h.
    You can travel with: PKS and Galicja Express, BP Tour, BigBus (minibus companies).
    The ticket costs 28 – 39 PLN (7 – 9 EUR, depending on a carrier)
    an example schedule: PDF

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