Farzad Sharifian

Farzad Sharifian,
Monash University, Language and Society Centre

Advances in Cultural Linguistics

This keynote provides an account of the development of Cultural Linguistics as a multidisciplinary area exploring the relationship between language, culture, and conceptualisation. Cultural Linguistics grew out of an interest in integrating cognitive linguistics with the three traditions within linguistic anthropology of Boasian linguistics, ethnosemantics, and the ethnography of speaking. For Cultural Linguistics, many features of human languages are entrenched in cultural conceptualisations, including cultural schemas, cultural categories and cultural metaphors. In recent years, Cultural Linguistics has drawn on several disciplines and sub-disciplines, such as complexity science and distributed cognition, to enrich its theoretical understanding of the notion of cultural cognition. Applications of Cultural Linguistics have enabled fruitful investigations of the cultural grounding of language in several applied domains such as World Englishes, intercultural communication, and political discourse analysis. This talk elaborates on these observations and provides close examples of linguistic research from the perspective of Cultural Linguistics.

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