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Lublin - the city in dialogue

Welcome to Lublin, the “City of three cultures

Lublin: the city of inspirationLublin – the capital of the Lubelskie Region – is the largest (ca.  350 000 inhabitants) and the fastest developing city on the right side of the Vistula River. It is also the largest academic centre in eastern Poland and one of the most important cultural centers in Poland.

Lublin is a multi-cultural melting pot, where western – Catholic , eastern – Orthodox and Jewish cultures co-existed and defined the unique value of the city. Now, Lublin is called “the gate to the East” due to its rich cultural, political and informal contacts with Ukraine and Belarus. Walking around the city: the Old City, the Jewish district, the castle and its vincinities you can discover the tracks of the old times and the three cultures. There is also one more place, a tragic place in the city, where people of the three cultures met in the past: the former German concentration camp in Lublin, popularly called Majdanek.

Lublin: the candidate city for European Capital of CultureLublin, the city of inspiration: Lublin was one of the finalists of the European City of Culture 2016 contest. Although Wrocław became the European Capital of Culture, the programme “Lublin – European Capital of Culture 2016″ is realized under the banner “Lublin – city in dialogue 2017″. The year – 2017 – is important for Lublin. 700 years earlier, on August 15, 1317, Lublin received a city charter granted by King Władysław I the Elbow-high.

Lublin – an academic city: there are four Universities in Lublin: the largest – Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, the oldest – the Catholic University of Lublin, the Medical University and the Agricultural University. There are also several other higher education centres. Temporarily in Lublin live ca. 100 000 students.

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