Young Researchers Workshop

The LCM VI Young Researchers Workshop is a satellite event of the LCM VI conference, aimed at graduate students and junior scholars conducting theoretical or empirical research in language and communication including, but not limited to cognitive, social, affective, embodied and/or cultural perspectives. The workshop aims at providing a forum for presenting results and foster interaction and debate in the context of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Young researchers in anthropology, biology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, semiotics, semantics, discourse analysis, cognitive and neuroscience are invited to share, and thereby enrich, their study of human natural language and communication. A specialist’s comment on each accepted contribution makes the workshop a unique opportunity to receive expert feedback.

Contact: Roberto Bottini –

BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD: We are proud to announce that Cognitive Science Society has founded two awards (125$ + annual Cognitive Science Society Membership) for the authors of the Best Student Paper at the LCM Young Researchers Workshop. The prize winners’ names and winning paper titles will be announced during the conference and posted also on the Cognitive Science Society’s website:


Young Researcher Workshop – June 23 2014

9:00 –9:30 Registration
9:30 –9:45 Opening
9:45 –10:45 Keynote Address: Barbara Fultner – Denison University
Does doing things together require getting one another to do something? Shared Intentionality and the Point of Communication
10:45 –11:00 Coffee break
11:00 –11:40 Eliška Květová –  University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)
Notions of Non-reductive Theories of Mind: Supervenience and/or/vs. Emergence
11:40 –12:20 Krystyna Pomorska –  University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Poland)
Can children with Autism read emotions from the eyes? The Eyes Test revisited
12:20 –13:00 Grzegorz Gaszczyk –  Jagiellonian University (Poland)
In Defense of Social Theory of Assertion
13:00 –14:30 Lunch Break
14:30 –15:10 Sandra Cronhamn –  Lund University (Sweden)Tracking cultural contact and spread by means of lexical data: a Tupían case study
15:10 –15:50 Andressa Schröder –  Jacobs University Bremen (Germany)
Sustainability through the preservation of linguistic and cultural diversity
15:50-16:30  Julien Magnier –  Université Paris Ouest Nanterre (France)
The intersubjective musicality of storytelling. Prosodic forms and felt narrative tension
16:30 –16:45 Closing